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Junior Squash

At Debenham Squash club we dedicate a lot of our time to coaching juniors (5-16yrs). For many children, squash provides an attractive  alternative to more main-stream team games, as not only is it a 1-on-1 encounter, it is also a non-contact sport, so there is less chance of incurring injuries.

It also provides an opportunity to excel as an individual rather than just being "another team member".

Junior squash is split into groups depending on age and ability.  The groups are as follows:

- Mini-Squash ~ Starters, 5/6 years
- Mini-Squash ~ Developers, 7-10 years
- Juniors         ~ 11-16 years

For all levels it is important that the child plays with a racket and ball commensurate with his/her playing ability and that a progression to the next level is undertaken as soon as possible. In our sessions we have a range of rackets and balls that can be matched to each child.  
Mini-Squash ~ Developers
In this group more drills are introduced to improve technique and coach-assisted rallies are played, to get the pupils thinking, rather than just hitting.

This is an important phase in the development of a budding squash player and with appropriate coaching and competitive matches, significant progress can be made.

All mini-squash sessions run in half-term blocks of 7-10 weeks. If you don’t see the course you’re after, please send me an email, and I will see what can be arranged.
Mini-Squash ~ Starters
The initial emphasis with this group is on co-ordination, movement and ball skills. The drills and exercises are geared to the children having fun, at the same time as they are learning these new skills. They use rackets from day one and gradually undertake a range of drills to develop their competence levels.

They may transfer to the Developers group at any time, but depending on ability, rather than age.
Players in this group will be coached all the basic shots  and should be capable of maintaining drills to practice them within their own group.

Players will  become fully competent at match play and should have a full understanding of the rules and be capable of playing full competitive matches.

Players with the aspiration to represent Suffolk in their particular age group should take advantage of the numerous training/coaching sessions that are held at various (local) locations throughout the year.

Such players should also take part in England Squash sanctioned tournaments, where they can gain a national ranking.

If you would like more details of any of the above, please call Dennis on 07976 925 016.