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Racketball is the fastest growing racket sport in the country. It is an excellent alternative to squash, and good for your fitness and co-ordination.

It is also a great winter alternative for tennis players who do not have access to indoor courts.

How do you play?
On a squash court with a large headed racket and bouncy ball, so it is much easier to keep a rally going than with squash. With a few minor exceptions the rules are almost the same as those for squash.

As the ball is more lively than a squash ball, one of the challenges is controlling it and keeping it at a sensible level/height within the court.

Almost anyone can play racketball, so there is no excuse for not trying it. If you would like to try:
- Enrol for a Taster session (Ladies only)*

* sessions can also be organised for men
Taster Sessions
This is a one-off, 2 hour, group session (Ladies only) where basic shots and tactics are taught and practised.

We quickly reach a stage where we can play rallies,  learn some simple rules and enjoy this great sport.

All equipment is provided for the session.

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