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Getting good coaching is fundamental to learning to play any sport effectively and gaining maximum satisfaction.


As life becomes more competitive, coaching is essential to those who have high ambitions or whose parents want to provide their child with a once in a lifetime opportunity.


At Debenham Squash Club we offer coaching in squash and racketball to anyone and everyone from 5 years old.





The 2 main forms of coaching - are individual and group.


Individual (1-on-1) coaching is by far the most effective, as problems are both easier to identify and more rapidly fixed. It is important to establish good technique at an early age, otherwise bad habits creep in, which are much more difficult to remedy later. Naturally, it is more expensive, but players simply will not progress to the higher levels without it.


Group coaching has its advantages, as it allows players to partake in drills where more than 2 players are needed, and also gives them an opportunity to play in peer groups and observe and learn from a different viewpoint.


Coaching can be divided into 2 major categories:

Technique focuses on the process of shot execution (grip, stroke etc.)


The following are the basic shots in squash:


Tactics mainly cover the dynamics of the game and start with basic do's and don'ts and progress to more sophisticated patterns of play and shot deception. The main aspects are:

Time for action ?

Whether young or not so young, beginner or experienced, there is always something to learn. If you would like to try some coaching, please get in touch by phone or email or register direct right now.






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