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Selecting the right equipment is not easy. The major item is usually the racket and there are so many different makes and models, it is difficult to buy one you think will be right for you, or for your child.



Ideally you would be able to try a racket before you buy. This is not so easy unless you are buying in a club shop and they happen to have a demonstration model the same as the one you are interested in. New rackets usually have a piece of glossy cardboard stuck on the racket face, so even swinging the racket in the shop doesn't give you much of a feel.



It is very tempting for a parent to buy a "budget" racket and expect their child to play with it. This is probably the worst start a child can have. The racket will be made from cheap (that means heavy) materials, will have cheap strings and will have poor performance.



The weight of a racket is important, as is the balance point; as an indicator, 120 grams is light, 200 grams is heavy. The weight stated is usually the unstrung weight.



It is better to get the advice of an experienced player, or coach, rather than be sold one by a shop assistant who may never have set foot on a squash court!




Shoes are of paramount importance as they have to withstand the rigours of sudden starts, stops and twists and must give the feet adequate support and protection.



They should have non-marking soles and be specifically designed for indoor/court sports. Here is an example:

At Debenham Squash Club we have a number of new and used rackets for sale, but will be able to obtain almost any make/model which is generally available.



If you are not sure of which equipment to buy, feel free to contact us.


Racket re-stringing is also available, normally on a 48hr service; the cost will depend on the quality of the string required.